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In 2000, Henry Deeks discontinued Images, his popular column in the Civil War News, after a long run. I had been a big fan, and was sorry that it ended. Thinking that perhaps CWN might be searching for a new column, I mustered the courage to send sample profiles to Editor Kay Jorgensen. Kay liked what I had sent, suggested the title Faces of War, and launched it in May 2001. After almost 15 years of writing, I retired the column in December 2015. The third generation of CWN columns dedicated to images is Through The Lens by Stephanie Hagiwara.

Complete Column Index

The following list includes every monthly column published in the print edition of the Civil War News. Selected columns have been posted on my blog, Faces of War. and the Faces of War publication on Medium.

The columns have been modified from the original print version. Endnotes have been added. The author bio and other information that typically appears at the bottom has been omitted. In some cases, a secondary image or images has been added to better illustrate the text. (In the print version, only the portrait of the soldier is included.) In most profiles, the headline has been changed to the original suggested by me on submission. (The headlines are changed to fit a very small print space.)

A number of the soldiers listed here served in more than one regiment of other military organization during the war. The units in which these men served are listed in chronological order.






  • January: Abram Garvin, 108th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • February-March: Henry C. Gaither, 39th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • April: Thomas Stafford, 67th U.S. Colored Infantry; 65th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • May: John Sample, 108th U.S. Colored Infantry; 24th U.S. Infantry
  • June: Martin Robison Delany, 104th U.S. Colored Infantry; 52nd U.S. Colored Infantry
  • July: Israel Justin Fearing, 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery
  • August: George Mitchell, 62nd U.S. Colored Infantry
  • September: Edward Leighton Porter, 2nd Connecticut Infantry; 18th Connecticut Infantry
  • October: George Hinman Fuller, 6th Maine Infantry
  • November: Charles Augustus Gardner Jr., 2nd Maine Infantry
  • December: Charles Abbott Butts, 121st New York Infantry


  • January: Jeremiah Saunders, 124th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • February-March: Lewis A. Fuller, 89th U.S. Colored Infantry; 92nd U.S. Colored Infantry
  • April: William Wright, 114th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • May: Robert Stoddart Robertson, 93rd N.Y. Infantry
  • June: Jesse B. Ditty, 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry
  • July: Albert E. Jackson, 78th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • August: Owens Dawson, 25th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • September: Charles Mudd, 108th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • October: George William Commodore, U.S. Navy
  • November: Charles W. Singer, 107th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • December: Jesse Hopson, 108th U.S. Colored Infantry



  • January: John Lewis Spalding, 1st Connecticut Infantry; 18th Massachusetts Infantry; U.S. Army
  • February-March: Dennis Edwin Barnes, 93rd New York Infantry
  • April: Edward Burgin Knox, 11th New York Infantry; 44th New York Infantry
  • May: Nicholas John Schott, 19th Michigan Infantry
  • June: Jehu C. Hannum, 9th Indiana Infantry; 2nd Indiana Cavalry; 11th Indiana Cavalry
  • July: Chauncey Barnes Reese, U.S. Corps of Engineers
  • August: James Wheaton Converse, 24th Massachusetts Infantry; 47th Massachusetts Infantry (see also October 2001)
  • September: Duane Legrange Tyler, 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
  • October: Charles O. Oldfield, 20th Ohio Infantry; 96th Ohio Infantry
  • November: Alexander Marvin Lowry, 112th New York Infantry
  • December: George Washington Quimby, 4th Vermont Infantry


  • January: John Martin King, 13th Louisiana Infantry
  • February-March: Alexander Taylor Bell, 3rd Virginia Cavalry; Breathed’s Artillery Battalion
  • April: John Winfield Scott, Washington Artillery (Louisiana)
  • May: John Robert Ellis, 19th South Carolina Infantry; 1st South Carolina Infantry (Hagood’s)
  • June: James E. McBeth, 5th New York Infantry; 131st New York Infantry, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry
  • July: Frederick S. Morse, 12th New Hampshire Infantry
  • August: Matthew Arbuckle Bailey, 188th New York Infantry
  • September: Richard Mason Waterman, 31st Indiana Infantry
  • October: Isaac Newton Snively, 20th Pennsylvania Emergency Infantry; U.S. Medical Corps
  • November: Thomas Emerton Osgood, 12th New Hampshire Infantry
  • December: Andrew Freeman Shiverick, 28th Wisconsin Infantry


  • January: George David Raysor, 5th Florida Infantry
  • February-March: James J. McKinley, 4th Georgia Infantry
  • April: James D. Means, 5th Georgia Reserve Infantry
  • May: NO COLUMN
  • June: Addison Ball Chinn, 8th Kentucky Cavalry
  • July: John Alfred Beauchamp, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery; Martin’s Battalion of Confederate Reserve Artillery
  • August: James Trimble Brown, Confederate States Army
  • September: William Priestley Richardson, 13th Louisiana Infantry; Confederate States Army
  • October: John M. Coleman, 7th Kentucky Cavalry
  • November: Peter A. McEnery Jr., 12th Virginia Infantry; Capt. Edward Graham’s Company, Virginia Horse Artillery
  • December: Nathaniel Burwell Logan, 4th Virginia Infantry


  • January: Gabriel Caldwell Wharton, 10th Kentucky Infantry
  • February-March: Thomas Hun Berry, 8th Massachusetts Infantry
  • April: Jesse R. Millison, 29th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • May: James H. Krake, 44th New York Infantry
  • June: Lorenzo Dow Brooks, 7th Vermont Infantry
  • July: Thomas R. Clark, 1st Vermont Infantry; 6th Vermont Infantry; U.S. Signal Corps
  • August: John Lewis Ells Jr., 3rd Georgia Infantry
  • September: John S. Miller, 29th Iowa Infantry
  • October: Bryan Whitfield Cobb, 27th North Carolina Infantry; 2nd North Carolina Infantry
  • November: David Barnum, 5th Alabama Infantry
  • December: John Wesley Harris, 36th Texas Cavalry


  • January: Edward Payson Lee, 11th Vermont Infantry; 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery
  • February-March: DeWitt Clinton Alden, 26th Michigan Infantry
  • April: William Wilson Morrell, 20th Maine Infantry
  • May: Algernon Marble Squier, 9th Vermont Infantry; U.S. Medical Corps
  • June: John William Fenton, 2nd Kansas Cavalry; 132nd New York Infantry
  • July: Joseph Sandman, 44th New York Infantry
  • August: George C. Howell, 7th Vermont Infantry
  • September: Charles Henry Swan, 24th Wisconsin Infantry
  • October: Darwin Colbin King, 14th New York Heavy Artillery
  • November: Henry E. Glazier, 2nd Missouri Cavalry; 113th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • December: William H. Swan, 27th New York Infantry


  • January: Robert Dempsey, 7th Connecticut Infantry
  • February-March: Edward Macy Marshall, 40th New York Infantry
  • April: Marcus Jones Hagar, 53rd Massachusetts Infantry
  • May: William W. Dutcher, 8th Massachusetts Infantry; 23rd Massachusetts Infantry
  • June: Henry Augustus Blanchard, 5th New York Cavalry; 13th New York Cavalry
  • July: George H. Decker, 143rd New York Infantry
  • August: James F. Gates, 149th New York Infantry
  • September: NO COLUMN
  • October: Stephen Hosmer Green, Second Company, Massachusetts Sharp Shooters; Third Veteran Reserve Corps
  • November: Cyrus T. Batchelder, 17th Connecticut Infantry
  • December: Henry C. Kane, 82nd New York Infantry; Second Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps


  • January: David Hayes McMicken, 5th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (34th Pennsylvania Infantry)
  • February-March: Robert Bruce Chamberlin, 4th New Jersey Infantry; 21st Massachusetts Infantry
  • April: Andrew Jackson Marlatt, 86th New York Infantry
  • May: Marcus Conant, 11th Massachusetts Infantry; 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery
  • June: George Pierce Jr., 10th Massachusetts Infantry
  • July: William Blackstone Williams, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry
  • August: Daniel A. Masten, 56th New York Infantry
  • September: George Parkman Denny, 45th Massachusetts Infantry
  • October: Aaron Hunt Ingraham, 48th New York Infantry
  • November: Martial Eugene Imbert, 90th New York Infantry; 73rd U.S. Colored Infantry; 96th U.S. Colored Infantry
  • December: Lyman Sawin Hapgood, U.S. Volunteers


  • May: John Wesley Pierson, 7th Iowa Infantry
  • June: Edward Richmond Washburn, 53rd Massachusetts Infantry
  • July: Motier Lafayette Norton, 18th New York Infantry; 1st Veteran Reserve Corps
  • August: Robert G. Hastie, 11th Wisconsin Infantry
  • September: Sullivan Wayne Burbank, 14th U.S. Infantry
  • October: Henry Pearce, 11th Kansas Cavalry
  • November: James Wheaton Converse, 24th Massachusetts Infantry; 47th Massachusetts Infantry (see also July 2008)
  • December: Samuel Bean Noyes, 12th New Hampshire Infantry; 1st U.S. Volunteer Infantry

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